Portage Aboriginal Housing, Inc.

Portage Aboriginal housing Inc is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing affordable housing to Aboriginal families throughout Portage la Prairie and its surrounding area.  PAHI  was established in 1989 with about (8) homes that were available to help Aboriginal families through their transitional phase from a reserve setting to an urbanized setting.

While the federal government stopped funding social housing programs across Canada in 1993, the PAHI was able to purchase twelve (12) more housing units and a fourteen (14) unit complex to accommodate more families, as during this era the organization had noticed an increased number of Aboriginal families moving off their reservations into the Portage la prairie community.  Today PAHI has a total of thirty-four (34), 3 bedroom housing units to accommodate families of (4) or more. 

Portage Aboriginal Housing Inc. Coordinator - Melinda Henderson



Partners for Careers 

Partners for careers program links Aboriginal graduates with suitable employment.  The service provides the link for employers to tap into highly motivated Aboriginal students eager to join the workforce.  The service also provides resume building, job search training, and acts as an information and resource centre for individuals seeking employment, or to further education.

Employment Counsellor – Jeanna Campbell




Parent Child Program 

Parent Child Program is a program that provides after school recreational activities for children aged 6-12 in an environment that is safe, fun and culturally sensitive. This program strives to provide activities that the entire family can enjoy together and to enhance children’s awareness of their own cultures and languages.

During the summer months, the Parent/Child Program holds a summer day camp for children ages 6-12. They go on many fun and educational outings and day trips.

The parent/child program also offers a play group for children
aged 0-5 years and their parents. 

Parent/Child Coordinator- Rochelle Campbell


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Insight Mentoring Program Pamphlet

Insight Mentoring Program

Is an intensive, three-year support program available to women who are:

         Aged 18 years or older

         Have substance use problems

         Pregnant (or have recently given birth)

         Not well-connected to community resources

The Insight program is a FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) prevention program. It is an evidence-based support program for women with substance use problems.

Insight Supervisor - Betsy Kematch  
Mentor - Debbie Parker              
Mentor - Danielle Carpenter

Family Counselling  

Our Family Counsellor provides traditional and contemporary counselling methodology and is prepared to deal with individuals or families on any issues that may require help.

Family Counsellor - Diane Lavallee

We will be offering some counseling courses throughout the year, please check back for updates.



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Eagles Fire Youth Centre 

Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth is based out of the Eagle’s Fire Youth Centre located on 350 Saskatchewan Avenue. Programs offered are designed to improve and enhance the quality of life for all youth in the city of Portage la Prairie and surrounding areas (ages 12-24) through positive lifestyle activities. Youth participate in a variety of recreational and cultural activities. As well the youth Centre provides employment skills, life skills and leadership skills.

The Lighthouses Project is a community based crime-prevention program. The program is for youth ages 10-24, it offers youth positive environments by involving them in identifying, participatin in, developin and leading activites, and learning new skills. The program is offered throughout the year in conjunction with the Guys & Girls Club.

All programs are delivered by EFYC & PFC Staff members with the aide of aboriginal elders and community volunteers.

Manager- Cornell Pashe    Youth Worker- Gail Ducharme   Youth Worker- Tiffany Beaulieu