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The Friendship Centre began its operation in 1966; it was originally called the Indian & Metis Friendship Centre.

In 1970, the Centre was incorporated as the Portage Friendship Centre, governed by a constitution, by-laws, and a Board of Directors.  Today the Portage Friendship Centre strives to provide timely and necessary services to the Aboriginal population in Portage la Prairie and surrounding communities.  We are constantly on a look out for better ways to serve the public and provide a setting where all people feel welcome.

We have annual events such as; Aboriginal Day Celebrations, fundraisers, summer day camps, Elders dinners, and Children’s parties. 



PFC Mission Statement

The Portage Friendship centre is a non profit organization committed to becoming
self-sufficient and to continuing cultural, spiritual and educational programming thereby
promoting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being
of urban Aboriginal people.

This commitment is realized through the development and implementation of
social and educational programs promoting and developing leadership, increasing awareness levels
of Native Heritage, establishing recourses for community development
of urban aboriginal self-governing institutions.



 The goals of the Centre shall be:

1.      To provide support services to all people in the community, but primarily to Native people, in all aspects of counselling relating to
   their expressed needs.

2.      To provide opportunities for Native people to be aware of, promote, and maintain their cultural identity within the urban community.

3.       To provide opportunities for meaningful interaction for people all ages in a variety of social settings.

4.      To provide opportunities to facilitate Native people in achieving their individual educational and employment goals.

5.       To provide adequate long and short term living conditions for Native people in the city of Portage la Prairie.

6.       To provide a drop-in centre for Native people in Portage la Prairie.

7.       To provide a liaison between Native people and social agencies.

8.       To provide and develop leadership for Native people in and around Portage la Prairie so as to ensure they have appropriate access to
    all facilities and services.

9.       To encourage greater Native participation in community affairs and activities.

10.   To document the needs and problems of Native people and recommend solutions to same.